Dental Implants

chicago dental implantsDental Implants

Do you have missing teeth, a bridge that needs to be replaced or an uncomfortable or loose denture?

Dental implants may help you get rid of a bridge, denture or gap in your smile. Smile once again without worrying about your loose denture falling out or seeing those ugly gaps!

Dental implants replace a single tooth, many teeth on one side or support an entire fixed or removable bridge replacing all the upper or lower teeth for our guests in Chicago. The most common dental implant used today is the endosseous dental implant. We insert one or more dental implants in the bone replacing the missing teeth. If necessary we make a substructure and then securely fasten the crown, bridge or denture to the substructure or implant. This restoration can be removable or fixed.

Who benefits from implants?

Dental Implants benefit patients in Chicago who can’t wear conventional dentures. Patients in Chicago who lost a tooth, have two teeth with no or small fillings adjacent to the hole and don’t want to cut the teeth down to make a bridge, would also make good candidates.

How we can help

Dr. Widen in most cases places and restores your implants without having to see a specialist. Don’t want to have a tooth missing, call us to see if you are a candidate for an immediate implant. Check out the links below for more information about tooth implants and how they will benefit you. 

Implants improve the way you look and feel about yourself. Ask us for more information about tooth implants today by email or calling our Chicago dental office at 312-266-0044.

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